Josh Turner – In My Dreams chords

In My Dreams - Josh Turner
Writers: Casey Beathard / Tony Martin

Intro:  D  D-Dsus4-D  A  A-Asus4-A (x2) 

(do a hammer-on for the sus4's)

D ASome men dream of crossing oceans
D ASome men dream one day to fly
D A Spend their whole lives out there floating
A D D-Dsus4-D A A-Asus4-AOn the water and the sky
D ASome men dream of building fortunes
D A Some men dream of having fame
D A Nothing else is more important
A DThan making money and a name
G A In my dreams, I see
D D/C# Bm7 AA little sky blue house beside a small stream
G AA front porch, a screen door
D D/C# Bm7 AThe sound of barefeet running and cartoons
G A D In my dreams, your dreams come true
D-Dsus4-D A A-Asus4-A
D AI come find you in your garden
D APulling weeds between the rows
D ATrade a kiss for a glass of water
A DSit and watch what love can grow
CHORUS Instrumental: D A D G 3rd chorus: In my dreams, your dreams Are the only things that really matter to me When you smile, I smile What makes you happy makes me happy too In my dreams, your dreams come true
Em A DIn my dreams, your dreams come true
D D-Dsus4-D A A-Asus4-A D
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