Joshua James - Lovers Without Love chords version 1

I am very new to making these, so if you have any corrections or additions please let me know.

"Lovers Without Love"
Joshua James

Capo 3

C Am F GThis road has all but taught me lessons
C Am Gabout my lonely soul.
C Am F GI am young and getting wiser,
C G Csoon I will grow old.
C Am F GStrip my heart from misconceptions,
C Am Gfill my eyes with greed.
C Am F GLet me make my own connections
C G Cin this endless sea
F C G COf muscle, cars, and endless bars,
F C Gof shopping centers for the teens.
F GOf high priced propane,
C Fand crack cocaine.
F G CAnd lovers without love like me.
C Am F GI've seen so much my visions blurry,
C Am Gin this world i live.
C Am F GIf we're to change then we must hurry,
C G Cthe devil's movin' in.
C Am F GLove and hate cannot see color
C Am Glike the human eye.
C Am F GSo priests and preachers, parents teachers,
C G Cdon't act so damn surprised.
F C G CIt's the world we've made, we're livin' in,
F C Gof greed, lust and poverty.
F GOf war and pride,
C Fteen suicide.
F G CAnd lovers without love like me.
F CFrom topless dances, to Marilyn Mansons.
F G CAnd lovers without love like me.
F C G CThere's kids in gangs, we have coveted fame,
F C Gwe have sweat shops across the sea.
F GWe have abortive mothers,
C Fand we hate each other.
F GAnd there's lovers without love,
F Gthere's lovers without love,
F G Cthere's lovers without love, like me.
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