Joshua James – Ghost In The Town chords

On the From the Top of Willamette Mountain album.

Capo 3

Intro: Am

Am G F CDearest Emma, theres a ghost in our town
F C GA ghost in the town from where you came
Am G F CDearest Emma, there are cracks in the wall
F C GAnd voices in the hall that can't escape
Am G F CDo you remember when we all were young
F C GWhen we all were much younger than today?
Am G F CAnd have you noticed all the signs on the road
F C GCausing all who pass to know to please be safe?
F G C C/B AmAnd I won't keep quiet for the harm we've caused
F G CAnd I can't read wrinkles on your face
F G C C/B AmAnd I don't have penance for the things I've done
GI can't explain
There is a photo on the dash of our car That has recently gone dark from all the sun Could you imagine if our skin were to fall Would the world just be appalled at what we've done Dearest Emma, theres a ghost in our town A ghost in the town from where you came All the nights that the dogs would bark I stand with no remark, a crying shame Theres a crack in the center of our kitchen floor And I'm curious of what it could destroy As I reach my hand into the dark below I hear your voice Bridge: Am - F - C - G x 4
CAnd if you want me
GLike I want you
AmA slow escape of all that's made
F GOur purest, stolen virtue
CAnd if you need me
GLike I need you
Am Then that ghost that bore itself below
F G CWont bother me and, baby, won't bother you
Tabbed by Floor Demon
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