Joshua Radin - No Envy No Fear chords

The E and C are variations, you can play all the chords normally but it sounds nicer like this:

G E Ce-3-0-0-|b-2-2-3-|g-0-2-2-|d-0-0-0-|a-3-3-3-|E-3-3-3-|
as you can see, you can leave your fingers on the e and b string and just move the top two. Capo: I don't know where the Capo is (yeah I'm real good at this whole tabbing thing) I just put it where it's easiest to sing. I'm a chick (alto) and I put it on 3. Rhythm: listen to the track and it's pretty easy to pick up. If you're up for it you can add the hammer on's and off's which sound pretty cool. yeesh, just get to the tab already.
G E C G Some are reaching few are there,
G E C wandering from a heros chair,
G E C G some are scared to fly so high,
G E C G well this is how we have to try
E G E - holdHave no envy and no fear, have no envy,
Gno fear
I've written so you can see EXACTLY where the chords change. And even though it goes G G, pick those fingers up to make a new phrase. and then it's the SAME THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH yeah you can pick it up pretty easy. Brother brother we all see, your hiding out so painfully, see yourself come out to play, a lovers rain will wash away You envy and you fear, so have no envy, no fear When your sister turns to leave, only when she's most in need, take away the cause of pain, by showing her were all the same. Have no envy and no fear, have no envy and no fear And every day we try to find, we search our hearts and our minds, the place we used to call our home, can't be found when were alone Have no envy and no fear, have no envy and no fear could not be stuffed to sign in, any queries oh and if you're in a band affiliated with YouTube, I'd love to interview you on
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