Josiah Leming – To Run chords

Hey, this is the non-capo version, for your convenience. (:

A#I showed up at her door
Gm7 FmNo gifts or explanations for
D# The way that I've been acting
Cm FFather time just kept on passing
A#I tried to kiss her lips
Gm7 FmShe said lets put an end to this
D#A simple overreaction
Cm FIt sent my head into a backspin
Gm7 F D#I dont know where to run
F (Pause) To run
A#She was a teenage girl
Gm7 FmI made sure to promise her the world
D#Spent money fast as lightning
Cm FAnything just to keep her smiling
A#My voice was all she heard
Gm7 FmSentences filled with empty words
D#I thought i was so clever
Cm FI never knew that our line would sever
Gm7 F D# FI dont know where to run [Ohhh ohhh]
Gm7 F D# FI dont know where to run [Ohhh ohhh]
Gm7 F D# FI have nowhere to run [Is this the end of us?]
A#I wake up on the floor
Gm7 FmMy head replays that closing door
D# My heart wont stop rewinding
Cm FInside clocks all out of timing
A#She starts to disappear
Gm7 FmThere'll be no turning back from here
D#When all is said and done
Cm F A#And I begin to run
By Becky.
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