Josie And The Pussycats – 3 Small Words tab

Song:3 small words
Artist:Josie and the pussycats
Album: Josie and the pussycats soundtrack
Submitted by:  Rachel (schibs)

this song is actually pretty easy if you know the timing.  Just
listen to the cd and you'll figure it out.  Me and my band did this
song for our school talent show.  everybody loved it and thought we
rocked so i know this is completly accurate.  you can play it right
along with the cd with the capo on 2nd fret.  enjoy!

~~~~~~~~~~Capo 2nd fret~~~~~~~~~~

Intro: (distortion) D Dsus D A G  x2

Verse:(strum 16 times for each chord while palm muting)
I'm a punk rock prom queen
Brown paper magazine
hotter than youve ever seen
and every where and in between
I'm a ten ticket thrill ride
Don't ya wanna come inside
A 5 star tripe plex

Harder then the hard to get
no ones little red corvette

aint seen nothin like it yet

Chorus: (distortion)
        D         A          Bm        E
It took six whole hours, and five long days
    D        A              G   G   G   G
for all your lies to come undone
          D           A           Bm      E
and those three small words, were way too late
D          A               G   G   G   G
for you to see that im the one



I'm your late night head rush
ace high royal flush
red velvet orange crush
you just dont impress me much
im your classic double cover spread
open up inside your head
black cherry paradise
half the sugar twice the spice
i dont want to treat you nice
come on baby roll the dice

chorus: (except instead of g as the last note play Bm 8 times.
         Then strum G eight times.)


do the bridge twice except on the last --3---3--| , play G once. 0---0----| Chorus: x2 (continue last G into an D Dsus D(r)) if you have any questions email me at
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