Joss Stone - 4 And 20 chords

Time Signature : 2/4
Intro : Bb/Gm/Cm/F

Bb/Gm/Cm/FThey say time waits for no man
And neither does this woman
Bb/Gm/Cm/FI've been trying hard to understand
Would it be?
Bb/Gm/Cm/FMany moons have come and gone
And this little heart's still holding on
Bb/Gm/Cm/FTo what could be, maybe should be, baby
Crazy is all it's making me
D/Gm/Cm C7/FI've been holding on for way too long
It can't go on
Bb/Gm/Cm/FYou've got 4 and 20 hours
Just one day to prove to me
Bb/Gm/Cm/FThat your love has got the power
D/Gm G7/Cm C7/E (on F) F7(*)Make me believe
You'll take me where I wanna be 4 and 20 hours And that's me, hmm, baby That's me, yes
Bb/Gm/Cm/FThey say Rome wasn't built in a day
Bb/Gm/Cm/FBut, hey, they've got nothing
On the patience That it's taking me to wait
Bb/Gm/Cm/FSee the sands of the hourglass
Are slipping through your hands
Bb/Gm/Cm/FEvery grain has got to hurt you
Takes you further from your chance
D/Gm/Cm C7/FI've been holding on for way too long
(It's been too long) Either you're in or you're out Repeat (*) (Time Signature : 4/4)
Bb/C#/F#/AbSee everyday
I walk out of my front door And I've been wishing and hoping That today is the day
Bb/C#/F#/AbThat you're gonna
You gonna smile in front of my face And tell me something Something worth talking about Tell me that you love me Tell me you gonna be a man (Time Signature :2/4)
Bb/Gm/Cm/FShow off for me, baby
You got one day
Bb/Gm/Cm/FI will give you 24 hours, baby
That's all you should need Ooh
Bb/Gm/Cm/F24 hours should be
Should be enough for you, love Just make me believe (Take me where I wanna be)
D/Gm G7/Cm C7/E (on F) F7Make me believe
That you're the man for me, baby Ooh, yeah Bb/Gm/Cm/F
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