Joss Stone – Tell Me What Were Gonna Do Now tab

tabbed by: qweyet Gi

Everything is figured out; chords, picking, most of the timing, etc.
The only part not figured out was the timing for the rap verse.
Common, the artist performing, is rapping too fast for me to
figure it out. 
Leave your criticisms.

Chords Cmaj Gmaj Am7 Dm7 G6 Fmaj Eme|----0-----3-----0-----x-----0-----x------x-----|B|----1-----0-----1-----6-----0-----10-----8-----|G|----0-----0-----0-----5-----0-----10-----9-----|D|----2-----0-----2-----7-----0-----10-----9-----|A|----3-----2-----0-----5-----2-----8------7-----|E|----x-----3-----x-----x-----3-----x------x-----|
Intro Riff Cmaj G6 Am7 Am7 e|------0------0-------0---0--------|B|------1------0-------1---1--------|G|------0------0-------0---0--------|D|----2------0------2-----2---------|A|---3------2------0-----0----------|E|----------------------------------|
Verse 1 & 2/Chorus Riff/Rap Verse Cmaj Gmaj Am7 e|----------------------------------|B|-------1------0------1------------|G|------0------0------0-------------|D|-----2------0------2--------------|A|----3------2------0---------------|E|----------------------------------|
Bridge Riff Dm7 Am7 Dm7 Gmaj e|------1-----0-----1-----3---------|B|-----1-----------1----------------|G|----2------0----2-----------------|D|---0------2----0-------0----------|A|---------0------------2-----------|E|---------------------3------------|
Verse 3 Riff - strum Fmaj Em Dm7 e|----------------------------------|B|----10-----8-----6----------------|G|----10-----9-----5----------------|D|----10-----9-----7----------------|A|----8------7-----5----------------|E|----------------------------------|
Intro: Yes, we have arrived, Joss Stone, Uh huh, Common It's for the world (world) world (world), Uh Verse 1: Cmaj Gmaj Am7 You don't have to make your mind up Cmaj Gmaj I just wanna take my time with you (yeah) Am7 If that's alright (it's alright it's alright) Cmaj Gmaj Am7 Oh forgive me if I get to shy but Cmaj Gmaj maybe you're the reason why Am7 I'm feelin' butterflies (I feel it too) Bridge: Dm7 Am7 Somethin' bout the look in your eyes Dm7 Gmaj Oooh it just makes me feel so right Chorus: Cmaj Gmaj Am7 Well you're my boy, you're my joy, you're my dream Cmaj Gmaj Am7 I'm for ya, I adore your everything that I need Cmaj Gmaj Am7 I love how you love me Cmaj If I'm made for you Gmaj you're made for me Am7 It's too good to be So tell me what we're gonna do now Interlude: Cmaj Gmaj Am7 Cmaj Gmaj Am7 Verse 2: Cmaj Gmaj Am7 Funny how my world keeps spinnin' Cmaj sometimes you can be so silly Gmaj Am7 Cmaj You know just how to make me laugh (yeah) Gmaj Am7 You're skin is so lovely Cmaj When you touch me Gmaj Am7 I know that you got my back (sure do, yes I do) Bridge: Dm7 Am7 Dm7 I feel so safe when you hold me Gmaj It's like you know me [Chorus] Verse 3: Fmaj Em Dm7 Oh right now Fmaj Em Dm7 See baby I love how you make me smile Fmaj Em Dm7 Don't leave, please stay awhile Fmaj Em Dm7 Let's make this happen, I don't care how Rap Verse: Right now let's stay in the present Can't worry bout tomorrow cause today is a blessin' The world in a state of aggression I find calm in you I see my mom in you It's like a feelin' in a n***** stomach when you want it so bad If you keep keepin' it fresh it ain't gonna go bad I been through the valley of love Rolled the shores of Cali just to find peace of mind Lookin' to the sky askin' for at least a sign Beautiful you came at such a decent time when we combine it's like good food and wine Flavorful yet refined you remind me of the divine So easy Love can be lost and then found, like Stevie I just love havin' you around you wearin' a gown I'm wearin' a crown pound for pound we the freshest couple in town [Chorus]
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