Joss Stone - Put Your Hands On Me tab

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Bbmaj Gmaj Fmaje|----6-------3-------1----|B|----6-------3-------1----|G|----7-------4-------2----|D|----8-------5-------3----|A|----8-------5-------3----|E|----6-------3-------1----|
Verse Riff - staccato (short notes) Bbmaj Gmaj Bbmaj Gmaj e|----6-------3-------6-------3----|B|----6-------3-------6-------3----|G|----7-------4-------7-------4----|D|----8-------5-------8-------5----|A|----8-------5-------8-------5----|E|----6-------3-------6-------3----|
Pre-Chorus/ - strum Chorus Riff - staccato Bridge Riff Fmaj Bbmaje|----1--------------------|----6------------------|B|----1--------------------|----6------------------|G|----2--------------------|----7------------------|D|----3--------------------|----8------------------|A|----3--------------------|----8------------------|E|----1--------------------|----6------------------|
Lyric Order Verse 1 - Pre-Chorus 1 - Chorus Verse 2 - Pre-Chorus 2 - Chorus Bridge - Verse 3 - Outro Verse 1: Pre-Chorus 1: I guess I'm picky with love Oh if I was blind Well baby I give it up you'd help me see it's you I choose If I lost my mind And don't keep me waiting you'd find it for me This girl's got things Speak on it babe tell me she needs to do what do you need Because all I need is for you to love me baby Verse 2: Pre-Chorus 2: Can't stop my mind Baby I'm hungry from thinking of you I want and I need How am I supposed to function Bring me your sugar Got me feelin' for your lips on my kiss And pour it all over me baby All night, never want no other lover Bridge: Chorus: Up till now my eyes could see Put your hands on me baby Touch me once and it's all hazy Put your hands on me baby I don't know why and I don't know how You got me flipping But somehow some way you got me Put your hands on me baby Put your hands on me baby Verse 3: Outro/Chorus: I can't explain can't comprehend Put your hands on me baby the world could reach its very end You got me flipping and all I focus on is him One more time The way he moves, he found his groove Put your hands on me baby there's nothing left to do Put your hands on me baby but tell the world the truth One taste I'm trippin Cause there's no way out Just kiss me baby, I love him, I feel him tell me you're mine Oh I'm lovin' those hands Put your hands on me baby
Outro Riff - staccato - strum Bbmaj Bbmaj Bbmaj Gmaj Bbmaj Fmaje|---6-------6-------6-------3-----6-----|----1----|B|---6-------6-------6-------3-----6-----|----1----|G|---7-------7-------7-------4-----7-----|----2----|D|---8-------8-------8-------5-----8-----|----3----|A|---8-------8-------8-------5-----8-----|----3----|E|---6-------6-------6-------3-----6-----|----1----|
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