Journey - Turn Down The World Tonight chords

JOURNEY – Turn Down The World Tonight
from the Revelation (2008) record

Intro: A, D

Verse 1:
ACaught up in the living... getting through each day
When all your tomorrows become faded yesterdays
DAre you slipping away
ABlinded by schedules... rushing here and there
Become strangers to each other... I miss you everywhere
DHow did we get this way
Pre-chorus 1:
E DWhen the loneliness becomes too much to bear
Bm D EGet off this merry-go-round... tell each other we still care
AHelp me turn down the world tonight
DTake a quiet moment somewhere we can unwind
F#m DLosing touch... we forget to take time to share what's in our hearts
ESpeak what's on our minds
Bridge 1:
C#m D In the silence hear your heartbeat next to mine
Bm D E ABaby help me turn down the world tonight
Verse 2:
A So much information streaming at us fast
What I really need to know is if we can make it last
DI wanna keep you close
AWe make commitments... take responsibility
Why do we let them come between you and me
DThat's when I miss you most
Pre-chorus 2:
E DWe gotta take this night... knowing our love won't wait
Bm D EBefore our moment is gone... baby say it's not too late
Chorus Bridge 2:
C#m DFar beyond the noise with your body next to mine
Bm D E AWon't you help me turn down the world tonight
A, D, A, D Chorus A, D, F#m, D, E Bridge Outro: A, F#m, E, D, E, F#m
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