Journey - Im Not That Way tab

JOURNEY  I'm Not That Way
from the Arrival (2001) record

lovely song from the Japanese edition of the album,
if you haven't heard it already, DO IT NOW !!!

Intro guitar 1:e-----3---2p0----------3---5---7----|B-------------3--------3------------|G----------------------0------------|D-----------------------------------|A-----------------------------------|E-3----------------3----------------|
Intro guitar 2:e----------------15-----|B---------17------------|G-----------------------|D-----------------------|A-----------------------|D-----------------------|E-----------------------|
Verse 1: G Em C Hold me... let me dry those tears for you G Em C Be the healer... of your heart he broke in two G Em C I wanna hold you close... but somethin' tells me to wait G Em C Is it too soon to touch... to reach for the love that you hide away Em D Talk to me... tell me with your eyes Em C D What did he do... to make you feel this way inside Chorus: Em G D C Empty words and promises made Am C G I'm not that way Em G D C Come to me and don't be afraid Am C I'm not that way
Interlude guitar 1:e-----3---2p0----------3---5---7---3---|B-------------3--------3---------------|G----------------------0---------------|D--------------------------------------|A--------------------------------------|E-3----------------3-------------------|
Interlude guitar 2:e--------|------------------|-------|B--------|------------------|-------|G--------|----12\11---------|-------|D--------|------------14-12-|-------|A--------|------------------|-14----|E--------|------------------|-------|
Verse 2: G Em C Silence... was meant to be broken G Em C Like waves on the shore... let your tears wash away these emotions Em D I can't change the world... I can change your mind Em C D I'll always be here... for you until you realize Chorus 2: Em G D C Empty words and promises made Am C G I'm not that way Em G D C Broken trust... a failure in faith Am C D I'm not that way Am C G I'm not that way Bridge: C D Cause life's too short for waistin'... waistin' precious time Em G If time is what you need baby... I'll give you all of mine C Am One day you're gonna look at me... and love is what you'll find Chorus 3: Em G D C Empty words and promises made Am C G I'm not that way Em G D C Come to me... bring back your faith Am C D Don't be afraid Am C G I'm not that way Outro: G C I'm not that way... G I want to hold you... I want to hold you close C Let me hear your heart baby
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