Journey – Signs Of Life tab

JOURNEY – Signs Of Life
from the Arrival (2001) record

Verse 1: G A It's been forty days since I heard from you Bm A/C# This waiting game you put me through Em D/F# Bm F#m I feel the silence killing me day to day G A Losin' hope, I lose myself Bm A/C# It's got me thinkin' there's someone else Em D/F# We need to talk, you give me metaphors C By the way... what are you tryin' to say? Chorus: D Tryin' to not think about you Bm I'm not a dead man walkin' without you C You know I'll be alright G A D Fill 1* I'm showing signs of life D You left me barely breathin' F#m I've had time for the healing G Now I've opened my eyes A I'm showing signs of life
*Fill 1:e---9------7---------|B-----10-----8-------|G-7------7-----9-7h9-|D--------------------|A--------------------|E--------------------|
Mini solo:e-10b(12)---10-9---------------------|B----------------10------------------|G-------------------9---7-9b(11)r(9)-|D------------------------------------|A------------------------------------|E------------------------------------|
Verse 2: G A Lyin' next to me... were you ever mine? Bm A/C# Just wasted love and wasted time Em D/F# Did you ever find what you were lookin' for? Bm F#m The nights you took me breath away G A I'll miss your love, I'll miss your touch, Bm A/C# But this holdin' on it hurts too much Em D/F# Now it's my time to walk away C I'll be okay... Chorus D Bridge: C G/B Well, tell your friends that you stole my heart A D But you'll never got a piece of my soul Am G/B You took my love, tore my life apart C G A There's more to me than you'll ever know... Main solo rhythm: Bm, F#m G, A, Bm, A/C# G, A, Bm, A/C# G, D/F#, A Chorus (1st half only) Chorus
Outro solo:e----------------------|----------------------|B-10b(12)---10---8--7--|------------------7h8-|G----------------------|-9--7----9/11-9-------|D----------------------|----------------------|A----------------------|----------------------|E----------------------|----------------------|
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