Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart tab ver. 3

Intro strum this a few times

which is B so if theres a more comfortable way you want to play it play it theree-7---b-7---g-8---d-9---a-9---e-7---
then the riff doo do do do do do doo do dooo is
then when he sings the verses the chord sequence is
e-7-7-77- and same for other chords which are 9 2 0-|b-7-7-77- 9 2 0-|g-8-8-88- 10 3 1-|d-9-9-99 11 4 2-|a-9-9-99 11 4 2-|e-7-7-77 9 2 0-|
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