Sunny Day chords with lyrics by Joy Williams - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Joy Williams – Sunny Day chords

Enjoy :)

INTRO: C, G, Am, F X2

C GI open my eyes
AmI look to the sky
Fit's a sunny day
C Gthe world is looking so bright
Amwhat a surprise
Fit's a sunny day
Am G oh oh oh oh oh ohooo...
C GGimme Gimme Gimme Gimme what I want
Am FI want sunshine, sunshine
C GGimme Gimme Gimme cuz it's been so long
Am FI want sunshine, sunshi-iine
C, F, Am, G(ah-ah-ine)
C GI'm feeling so free
Am like a summer breeze oh,
FIt must be magic
C GI forget all my plans
Amput my toes in the sand
FI just can't help it
Am Goh oh ooh oh ohhh
*repeat CHORUS
Am G we're two of a kind
C G Am Flike blue birds singing out a simple tune
Am G if you don't mind
C G Am Fit's the perfect kind of day to fall in love
Gwith you
[repeat C, G, Am, F] *repeat CHORUS
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