Jt Burchett - Broken Stars tab

Artist: JT Burchett
Title: Broken Stars
Capo: 2nd Fret
Tuning: Standard

Intro: (G Em Am C) x2

Verse 1:

she's been through heartbreak hell
Em                          Am            C
more times than she can tell anyone
she goes through all her days 
pretending like everything's ok
     Am                     C
puts on a show so no one'll know
Am                    D
every night before she goes to bed
Am                        D
she looks up into the sky and then


G                    Am
she makes a wish on a broken star
C                      D                                       G
for someone to come and be her light through all this darkness
she says a pray that she can find
C          D
a beginning on this road of life
Am                        D
why do other guys have to lead her on
Am                                          D
I want her to know I'd be the north star to lead her home
from another try

(G Em Am C)

Verse 2:

She's just your average girl
livin in a mixed up world
Am       C
everyday seems the same
you know she tries so hard
but doesn't seem to get to far
Am                  C
in her mind nothings alright
Am                   D
for every problem she ever has
Am                         D
she does the only thing she thinks she can


(G Em Am C D) x 2


Em                            Am                G       F#/G          Em
and yeah she looks up with the moonlight shining upon her pretty blond hair
Em                          Am              D
no wish can ever be made for what's already there


G                    Am
she's every wish I've ever made
C                                D
every time I've stopped to thank god for everyday she's
G              Am
all the answers to my prayers
C                           D
the air I breath the words I speak my every stare
Am              D
I wander if she even see's
Am                  D
she's where i wanna be

(G Em Am C) - until fade out
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