Jucifer - To Earth tab

Band: Jucifer
Song: To Earth
Album: L'Autrichienne
Tabbed by: djerzinski
Tuning: Standard

If you have any corrections or anything else just mail me at march_of_pig[@]hotmail.com .
I'm looking for some noise/alt./math rock guitar stuff, so if you know interresting stuff 
about it or got some interesting links in your bookmarks , let me know.


Riff 1e|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|-5------5------5-----------|D|-5------5------5-----------|A|-3------3------3-----------|E|------------------0--4--3--|
Riff 2e|---------------------------|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|---------------------------|D|-3------3------3-/6--6--5--|-5------5------5--5--6--5--|A|-3------3------3-/6--6--5--|-5------5------5--5--6--5--|E|-1------1------1-/4--4--3--|-3------3------3--3--4--3--|
---1------2------3-----4-------1------2------3-----4------ That's It! Pretty simple song but it sounds good...
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