Judas Priest – Troubleshooter tab

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Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:54:15 -0800
From: Judy Letostak 
Subject: TAB: Judas Priest - Troubleshooter

Judas Priest - Troubleshooter
from Point of Entry
letostak@ix.netcom.com (Judy Letostak)
Metal Edge BBS (619)423-4970

This is just the basis of this song.  It's a really easy
song to play, the leads are just Em pentatonics.

lyrics are at the end of this file

Intro/Verse 2x w/out vocals 4x with vox

--------------------------------------------0--------------------------------------------------------0---------------7--6-------0--0--2--------7--6---------------------------7--7-------0--0--2--------7--7--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------0------------------------3b------------------- 1/4
This isn't the whole of the chorus, I couldn't tell what was going on with the two guitarists, but from what the bassist was playing, this is the foundation.
Verse Chorus There are two seperate leads, I tabbed out the very intro the rest is just E minor pentatonic scales
2nd lead
Chorus Verse Chorus to fade Metal Edge BBS (619)423-4970 (San Diego, CA USA) Over 15,000 Guitar Tabs, pictures, construction docs, lessons, 4 Gigs of MP3s no ratios no cost Riot Member and Distro, Warlock WHQ MetalNet WHQ http://www.netcom.com/~letostak/main.htm =========================================================== h = hammeron ps = pick scrape p = pulloff % = repeat phrase ~ = vibrato letostak@ix.netcom.com b = bend + natural harmonic /\ = Slide * = Artificial Harmonic x = ghost note tr = trill =========================================================== Troubleshooter (Tipton/Halford/Downing) You've got it, I want it. My little troubleshooter I need it, you feed it. My hunger drives me to ya You bring me round with your velvet hands You're gettin' new life to me You put me back to promised land Just where you know I should be You can take me You can shake me You can break me down You're givin' I'm gettin'. I'm gettin' satisfaction You're makin' I'm takin'. I want some heavy action You're bendin' and I'm mendin' Gettin' back together You really got what it takes To make a bad man better You can take me You can shake me You can break me down
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