Judd Wynonna – She Is His Only Need chords ver. 2

She Is His Only Need
Wynonna Judd

Capo 4

Em   A7   D   A

Verse 1:
DBilly was a small town loner
EmWho never did dream
A A7Of ever leaving southern Arizona
D A7 Or ever hearing wedding bells ring
DHe never had a lot of luck with the ladies
Em But he sure had a lot of good working skills
A A7Never cared about climbing any ladder
D AHe knew the way in a small café
A A7Found the will; he met Miss Bonnie and a
DLittle bit of her was a little too much
Bm Em D/F#A few movies and a few months later
GThe feeling got strong enough
A They didn’t own a car
A7 D GSo it must have been love
A A7 DThat drove him uptown for a diamond;
AThat’s when he started goin’
DOver the line
EmWorking overtime
A A7To give her things just to hear her say she don’t
D ADeserve them, but he loves her, and he just
DKept going overboard
EmOver the limit to afford
A A7 DTo give her things he knew she wanted
Em ‘Cause without her where would he be?
A A7 D A D ASee, it’s not for him; she is his only need
Verse 2:
DRing on her finger and one on the ladder
EmA new promotion every now and then
A A7Bonnie worked until she couldn't tie her apron
D AThen stayed at home and had the first of two children
DAnd my, how the time did fly
EmThe babies grew up and moved away
A A7Left ‘em sitting on the front porch rocking
D AAnd Billy watching Bonnie’s hair turn gray
A7And every once in a while, you could
DSee him get up and he’d head downtown
Bm Em D/F#‘Cause he heard about something she wanted
GAnd it just had to be found
A A7Didn’t matter how simple or how much
D GIt was love
A A7And boy, ain’t that love just something
D G AWhen it’s strong enough to keep a man goin’
DOver the line,
EmWorking overtime
A D AShe is his only need
EmOver the limit
A DShe is his only need
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