Jude Cole – Hallowed Ground tab ver. 2

"Hallowed Ground" by Jude Cole 
Written by Jude Cole and George Green 
From the album "A View From 3rd Street" 
Reprise Records, 1990 



e--3--|--|---1----|--|---3---|--3----5--7--|--1---|---- B--3--|--|---1----|--|---3---|--3----3--3--|--1---|---- G--0--|--|---0----|--|---0---|--0----0--0--|--0---|---- D--0--|--|---0----|--|---0---|--0----0--0--|--0---|---- A-----|--|--------|--|-------|-------------|------|---- E-----|--|--------|--|-------|-------------|------|----
Through the shadows, dark as shame I can still hear your voice falling down with the rain Washing memories from the trees C Cadd4 -0----|---0------- -1----|---1------- -0----|---0------- -2----|---3------- -3----|---3------- ------|----------- 'Til this road's covered over and lost in the leaves
Careless children, fresh as sin I was your trouble when you were my friend Sweet as rain on hallowed ground One endless summer that ended somehow
-1---|---3---- -1---|---1---- -0---|---0---- -0---|---0---- -----|-------- -----|-------- Hoo hoo-oo, hoo
CHORUS: G Em Heal the old wounds, lay me down F D Take me home to hallowed ground G Em On the water, on the wind F D Where the dream is born again F C G Whoa, carry me home Walked the long road 'til I found Each step took me further from where I was bound Bruised and broken in my soul Longing for something that we used to know Hoo hoo-oo, hoo REPEAT CHORUS Em C G And we were chasing the grey wind and wasting our days in the sun Em C D Dsus4 But stand and deliver, and peace like a river will run Walked the long road 'til I found Each step took me further from where I was bound Hoo, hoo-oo, hoo REPEAT CHORUS TWICE FADE ON G CHORUS/BRIDGE CHORDS
G Em F D Dsus C --3----0---1---2---3---0--- --3----0---1---3---3---1--- --0----0---2---2---2---0--- --0----2---3---0---0---2--- --2----2---3-----------3--- --3----0--(1)--------------
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