Jude Cole – Falling Home tab

"Falling Home" by Jude Cole 
Written by Jude Cole 
From the album "Falling Home" 
Independent release, 2000 

Em C G D 
Fields of patience 
Mountains of pain 
G                         D 
Innocence fell from this runaway train 

Planets of mercy 
Great skies of hope 
Send me an angel 
With a holy rope 

Em C G D 

Daydreams and wishes 
Tarnish and rust 
Truth is here somewhere coughing up dust 

Crawl through the madness 
Climb up the cracks 
Wisdom is speaking from the zodiac 

         C                        Em 
It says pull back the lens on the earth's great design 
         Am                         D 
And I'm summer rain gently falling home 
C                          Em 
Leap from a star into the great unknown 
    Am            C 
Forgiveness is a high jump 
                   Em  C  G  D 
And we're falling home 

Someone got a lawyer 
Someone got a friend 
Looks like we're human 
'Til the mortal end 

I'll take all the green trees 
And you can have the sun 
If this land is our land 
Then there's some work to be done 

So pull back the lens on the earth's great design 
And I'm the autumn leaves weightless, falling home 
Race through the clouds past the gravity zone 
Forgiveness is a swan dive 

And we're falling home 
we're falling home 
       Am                 C 
we're falling home, yeah yeah 
Falling home 
We're falling home 
       Am               C 
We're falling home, yeah yeah 

Em C G D (x2) 

So pull back the lens on the earth's great design 
And I'm Aristotle waiting by the phone 
Count the years we held the hurt inside 
Forgiveness is a back flip 


G D Am C, G D Am C Em 

Enjoy......any additions or corretions...send me at atticusdude@hotmail.com

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