Jude Cole - More Than A Breakup Song tab

More Than a Breakup Song
Jude Cole
Falling Home

Listen to the song to figure out the rhythm, it is not hard at all.


e------x--x-x-----x----4--4-4---x---x--x-x--x---3--3-3-------------------b------5--5-5-----x----4--4-4---x---5--5-5--x---3--3-3-------------------g------2--2-2-----x----5--5-5---x---2--2-2--x---4--4-4-------repeat x 2--d------2--2-2-----x-------------x---2--2-2--x----------------------------a-----------------x-------------x-----------x----------------------------e-----------------x-------------x-----------x----------------------------
Use same riff for verse Verse 1 This conversation is a trance Years fly by at a glance The blame game is the clue That everyone i've ever love is you Chorus
e-----2----4---2-----4---------------------2-----4--5-----4------5----------b-----3----5---3-----5---------------------3-----5--5-----5------5----------g-----2----4---2-----4---Intro x 1---------2-----4--4-----4------4----------d----------------------------------------------------------------------------a----------------------------------------------------------------------------e----------------------------------------------------------------------------And youve done no.....thing wrong And this is more than a breakup song
Intro x 2 Verse 2 It's simple a honesty And honest as the hole in me Eyes that see for someone else May never have to see themselves Chorus x 1 Intro x 1 Bridge Am D How can i tell you Am D The weight thats been lifted? Am B Am I open my heart Am G D And your mind goes drifting off...... Intro x 2 Verse 3 Chemistry or gravity I'm spinning in apologies This is what i've turned into For everyone i've ever loved is you Chorus You've done nothing wrong This is more..... This is more..... This is more than a breakup song Intro x 2 end on first chord. Thank you and enjoy. Any additions, corrections or death threats send to neilgaiman13@hotmail.com
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