Jude – King Of Yesterday tab

My first tab for this site, nice song very simple. Obviously a number of places to play
introduction on the guitar this just happens to be where i play it normally. The rest of
is pretty much just chords, which you can find at the bottom. Standard tuning.

((Intro:)) F C Dm Cadd4 Bb G5e|------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------10----------------------------------------------------|G|-10----10---10/12----9----9----9h10/12----------------------7-7-7-------|D|----10---10------------10---10---------12----12----12\10--8-8-8-8-------|A|------------------------------------------12----12--------8-8-8-8-------|E|------------------------------------------------------------------1/3\--|
((Verse:)) F C Dm Can you still remember, how it seemed.. Cadd4 Bb G5 F We could live forever in a lovers dream. C Dm Falling was the best part but now you know.. Cadd4 Bb G5 F The things you cling to your heart, can start to grow. ((Pre Chorus:)) G Bb You, you're walking away... F G Bb Ive been there, now i know what to say... F G Bb Im the king of yesterday. ((Second verse and prechorus played the same way:)) A Silly little love song for myself... Its all i ever do you know i shine the shell. A pretty little picture, the face of you.. You were my setting sun and now you're every view. You, you're walking away... Ive been there now i know what to say... Im the King of yesterday... ((CHORUS: (Repeat twice) + Distortion)) F5 G5 Bb5 Why dont you stay.... X2 F5 Take a little time G5 Throw it on the line Bb5 let me believe that you believe in me F5 Baby turn around G5 Look at what i found Bb5 You are the one that i wanted ((Verse 3 (Played the same way as 1&2)) Someday ill be over, on my own.. Believing all the legends of the loves ive known. Seeing you in summer the way we were.. When you were seventeen, you know i much prefer.. ((Prechorus 3:)) You walking away.. Ive been here, now i know what to say.. Im the king of yesterday.. Why dont you stay. ((Back to Chorus)) ((Solo during chorus at the end:))
/ Slide up \ Slide down b Bend HAPPY PLAYING!
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