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From: Joe Aultman 

This is "Our Story" from the JudyBats album

Something my friend the music major helped me work out.
Please forward any comments or corrections to aultman@cs.fsu.edu

Play each chord for one measure (4 beats).
A dash (-) indicates to keep playing the same chord.
Build up with E for two measures, then.

Intro Chords:
E   C#m   E   D (2x)

Verse 1:
E             -
  This is our story.

C#m      G#m
  It's a short one, but it's a

F#m          -
  Hard harsh read.

  Between the lines, a little aching need.

E         -
  We're a strange arrangement;

C#m    G#m
  No strings.

        F#m        -
  But the music we make is

  Serpentine and bittersweet.

E       -
  In my youth, you know,

C#m                G#m
  I loved you like gangbusters.

Now I watch you fall.

Twisting, turning, growing small.

E          -             C#m
  You're a roomful of sorrow,

  A spoonful of joy

  Another infidelity

  Another pain, another golden glitter boy.

A            G#m

       C#m   -
I want you.  I know it's crazy,

But I really want to leave you, too.

A            G#m

       C#m                             B
I want you.  Boy, oh boy, you bring me joy
And then you make me blue.

With intro chords:
I love to love you; I'm a fool.
You're callous and you're cold,
And oh, so cruel.

Verse 2:
I'm starting to forget things.
Faces, names.
Games played, plans laid.
Surely, there were promises made.

Good love is easy to find,
But it's hard to keep.
And though I hate it when you wake,
I still love to watch you sleep.


Repeat intro chords 4x during break.

Using chorus chords 1x through:

Verse 3:
Remember the early days
When nickels were dimes,
And a dollar took us everywhere.
I don't think I ever combed my hair.

Is this our story?
Is this where the loving starts?
In the stillness, the staring,
The hardening of hearts?

We're a strange arrangement;
No strings.
This is not my place, these are not my things.
It's not my way, the pain love brings.

Chorus. (repeat with vocal embellishments)

End on E.
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