Juice Newton – Break It To Me Gently chords ver. 2

Break It To Me Gently
Juice Newton
Quiet Lies
Transcribed by: Steven P.

E          022100
E+M7       x7654x or xx1110
E+add9     x7657x or xx2112
A          x02220
Am         x02210
B          x24442
G#m        466444
F#m        244222
E+         xx2110
G#7        464544
C#7        x46464
F#7        242322
F#m7       242222
B7         x24242
E7         020130
G#m7       464444
C7         x35353
F+         x8765x or xx3221
Bb         x13331
Bbm        x13321
F          133211
Eb         x68886
A7         x02020 or 575655
D7         xx0212 or x57575
G7         353433

E  E+M7  E+add9  A  Am  E

B  A  G#m  F#m  E

Verse 1
E+ A AmBreak it to me gently
E G#7 C#7 F#7Let me down the ea - sy way
Make me feel you still love me
F#m7 B A G#m F#mIf it's just, just for one more day
Verse 2
E E+ A Am EBreak it to me gently so my tears
G#7 C#7 F#7My tears won't fall too fast
If you must go, then go slowly
F#m7 B7 E E7Let me love you 'til the last
A G#m7 The love we shared, oh, so long
F#m7 B7 E E7 A It's such a big part of me
G#m7 C#7If you must take, your love a – way
F#7 B A G#m F#m Take it gradual - ly
Verse 3
E E+ A Am E G#7And break it to me gently, give me time
C#7 F#7Oh, give me a little time to ease the pain
If you must go, then go slowly
F#m7 B7 E E7‘Cause I’ll never love a - gain
Interlude A G#m7 F#m7 B7 E E7 A Bridge
G#m7 ( tacet ) F#7If you must take your love a - way
B7 C7take it gradual – ly and
Verse 4
F F+ Bb Bbm F A7Break it to me gently, give me time
D7 G7Oh, give me a little time to ease the pain
Love me just a little longer
Gm7 C7 F Eb D7'Cause I'll never, ever love a - gain
G7 C7 ( tacet ) F Bb Bbm F ‘Cause, I'll never, no never love a - gain
This is my interpretation of the song and is what I hear. Since U-G doesn't always include the correct chord voicings, I have included all of them in this transcription. Please feel free to experiment with your own chord voicings. This song has a higher difficulty level due to the chords used. I have attempted to keep the voicings as simple as possible, while still maintaining the tone and flavor of the song.
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