Jukebox The Ghost - Half Crazy chords version 3

These are the open chords for Half Crazy. It's all pretty straightforward, which 
is why I haven't written out every single verse and such. They're useful for 
coming up with fun picking patterns for this song, particularly on an acoustic 
guitar. And yes, I know the words and chords aren't aligned properly; I typed it 
up hastily. The locations of the changes are obvious, though. E-mail me at 
elisemeltaus@gmail.com with any inquiries.

Verses all go thusly:
C D Em When you were locked up in your room alone
C D Em Neglecting even just to touch the phone
C D Em Salty tears rolling down your cheeks
C Em D Like they had many times before
Choruses all go thusly:
G Em Bm D I've gone half crazy worried about you about you
G Em Bm D My left eye's gone lazy worried about you about you
Bridge goes thusly
G D EM Every word you say is self directed and I think that that is tragic
G D EM And every time you open up your mouth to speak, it's self-referenced and that's tragic
C D You don't have to see the world to know it's true
C D You don't have to see the world to know that it keeps turning
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