Julia Nunes – First Impressions tab

    G            D      C               G                 D            C
V1-Ive gotten used to being introduced, hello, whats ur name, how are you?
They see my smile, my laugh and the hurt behind my eyes
Loss is not so easily disguised

      G              D              C          Em        
B1-I try my best to keep up with my sunny disposition
G D C C7But i close my eyes and end up reminising... G D CC1-So save me from waking up tonightPlease save me from waking up tonightCoz I toss and i turn and it doesnt feel rightSave me from waking up tonight
V2-Left to my own devises id stay up till 3am Spend the whole day barely awake and then do it all again Coz my dreams are filled with pleasantries that make me think your here with me They wont let my poor heart mend B2-I hav tried my darndest to continue smiling wide but i miss you and thats something i cant hide C2-So save me from waking up tonight Please save me from waking up tonight I thought it was fine but it looks as if i might not Make it through the night
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