Julia Nunes - Blushing Cheeks tab

This might be wrong, but its what reckon it is. I found this out by complete
coincedence (: its a great song

Blushing Cheeks - Julia Nunes

Standard Tuning

Intro:(i know its not exactly correct but you can kind of picture the stumming pattern here)D E G A-----2-----2--------------------0-------0--0--0--0-------------0------|-----3-----3--------------0--0--0-------0--0--0--0-------2--3--2------|-----2-----2-----------1--1--1--1-------0--0--0--0-------2--2--2------|--0--0--0--0--0--------2--2--2--2--000--0--0--0--0-------2--2---------|--0-----0-----0---222--2--2--2--2--222--2--2--2--2-------0--0---------|------------------000--0--------0--333--3--3--3--3--------------------|
And the rest of the song is justD-E-G-A
Have fun! (:
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