Julian Casablancas - Tourist chords version 1

Nobody put up the basic chords.. Cool song.. have fun.. Nima :)

F#mI wish that clouds could hold me up
BmLike I thought as a child growing up
EI wish I could sound as soothing as the rainfall
D F#mBut I am only a drop from the storm
A F#m EFeel like a tourist out in the country
Bm A EOnce this whole world was all countryside
A F#m EFeel like a tourist in the big city
Bm A ESoon I will simply evaporate
F#mThey took the strings up north, the drums down south
BmAfter they crossed Afghanistan a long time ago
EYou're shuffling your feet into the next dimension
D F#mSoon skyscrapers will be everywhere
A F#m EI feel like a tourist lost in the suburbs
Bm A ESoon the whole world will be urban sprawl
A F#m EFeel like a land lover out on the ocean
Bm E A EFeel like a teardrop streaming off of your chin
F#m C#Some will bet against you, try even to prevent you
F#m C#But not many can stop you man, if you got a perfect plan
F#m C#Can they possibly try, I demand to know why they would doubt you
E In this land, a thousand generations
A F#m EFeel like a tourist out in the desert
Bm A ESo hot it feels like a Devil's breath
A F#m EFeel like a tourist out in the swampland
Bm A EThis world is just patches of water and land
A F#m EEverywhere I go I'm a tourist
Bm E A EBut if you stay with me, I'll always be at home
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