Julian Cope - Bandys First Jump chords

Julian Cope - Bandy's first jump

Album: World Shut Your Mouth (Mr. Cope in his best years)

There are some uncertainties in this tab, the largest part of this tab sounds correct to my ears.

[Fist verse]

Am Dm You look good in plaster
C G Ammuch like everybody's shame
Am Dm Walk around on casters
C G Amburning our eternal flame
[Second verse, same chords] It's a fire that keeps us going stronger everyday Betrays a certain weakness And a faith that stays away [chorus] Am Em I see you Am D What you are Am Em I see you Am D What you say [Bridge] [Third verse] Someone caught me looking Dancing on my Fire-escape Oh I could shit the past yes That's a chance I'll have to take [Fourth Verse] COuld've seen much clearer But I didn't have the time Walk a path that's nearer Face the day and start the climb [chorus] [Outro]
F Spinning around
Clike a Catherine Wheel
CmPut your head inside
D*where I make my meal
FReady or not
CFor a love affair
Cmwith an old coke-stove
D*And a wheelchair
Am DPa pa pa pa p
Am DPa pa pa pa p
Am DPa pa pa pa pa-a pa-a
*) Not sure about this one (I tried Gm aswell, but D sounds a bit better)
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