Juliana Hatfield – The Edge Of Nowhere tab

Left handed
Intro: |D(II)|D7(no3)|Dsus4add13(no5)|D|D7(no3)|Dsus4add13(no5)|

Dm        Fsus2           Em7(no5) 
  Coming   to the edge of nowhere
Dm                Fsus2       Em7(no5)
   Daydreaming of  unconsciousness
Dm            Fsus2    Em7(no5)
   The closer   that I get
Dm             Fsus2  Em7(no5)   Em9
   The further   I am gone 

|D|D7(no3)|Dsus4add13(no5)| x3 + |Dadd11|

The horizon is steadier than steel
Where the world ends and the sun disappears
I can't move
The pain is too real
It slips into color I can feel

|D|D7(no3)|Dsus4add13(no5)| x3 + |Dadd11| (Play Chords Over Lyrics Below)
I can feel, I can feel, I can feel 

D(III)          Dmaj7
    The reds go up
D(III)             Dmaj7
    The blues goes down
    The lights goes off
    The dark pulls on 
(Repeat one more time)


(Play following figure w. few variations with the next part)|-1-0---0-----|---------3-||-3-3-3-3-----|---------0-||-2-2-2-2-----|-3-------2-||-0-0-0---0-0-|-2-------0-||-------------|-2---------||-------------|-1--3-3--3-|
Blood will see the fall will define Valium sleep mixed with wine If I jump will I fly? If I fall will I rise? If I jump will I fly? If I fall will I rise? Rise, rise. |D|D7(no3)|Dsus4add13(no5)| x3 + end on |D| Chords used: ========================= D(II): xx0775 D7(no3): xx0535 Dsus4add13(no5): xx0403 D: xx0232 Dm: xx0231 Fsus2: 1330(1)x Em7(no5): 050050 Em9: 020002 Dadd11: x00032 D(III): xx0(11)(10)(10) Dmaj7: xx0(11)(10)9 Dsus4add9(no5): xx0980 Dsus2: xx09(10)0 Gadd9: xx0203 -- o --
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