Juliana Theory – August In Bethany tab

Tabbed by: GRAHAM GOH
Artist: The Juliana Theory
Song: August In Bethany

My favourite band! playing a super nice song! I had to tab it(:
I have just finished this tab! after 1 hour! haha. dont worry, its all correct. i trust 
ears. you should too.
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standard tuning
Guitar 1 - capo 1st fret
Guitar 2 - capo 1st fret

Guitar 1 [ACOUSTIC]
E                      B              A
With the sound of the ocean crashing

7:30 Friday evening
   E               B        A
Everything comes tumbling down
                 E              B
I choke back each tear that bleeds
I'd rather rest forever in your arms
          E              B
I'd rather stay here than go
but I know that I should leave
As I sit here helpless

Guitar 1 [CLEAN] - Continue playing verse

Guitar 2 [CLEAN] - 1st Riff:

e|------5-------6p5---8---|B|--------6---6-----6---6-|G|----------5-------------| x16D|------------------------|A|------------------------|E|------------------------|
Chorus 1 ======== Guitar 1 [CLEAN] C#m Don't go B (You said you wouldn't, You said you wouldn't) A Don't go (You said you wouldn't, You said you couldn't) C#m Don't go B (You said you wouldn't, You said you wouldn't) E Don't go (You said you wouldn't, You said you couldn't) Guitar 2 [CLEAN] - Riff 2 (play twice)
Verse 2 ======= Guitar 1 [CLEAN] - same as verse 1 Guitar 2 [CLEAN] - riff 1 Chorus 2 ======== Guitar 1 [DISTORTED] - same as chorus 1
Guitar 2 [DISTORTED] - riff 3:Octaves:e|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|7-7-7-7-7-7-9-11-5-5-5-5-5-5-12-10-9-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10-10--|
Guitar 1 end on "A" chord Outro =====
Guitar 2 [CLEAN] - riff 4:e|-----------------------------------------0------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------0---0--0-------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-8-7----------10---10---8-7-----------------2-----8-7---------10--10----|A|------10-8-------------------10-8---0-----------------10-8------------0~|E|-------------8----8------------------------------------------8---8------|
E B A A E B A Guitar 1 [ACOUSTIC] - Strum chords along riff 4 (as shown above) Guitar 2 - after riff 3, follow with riff 1 (x2) Ending ======= Guitar 1 [ACOUSTIC] - same as verse 1 THANKS FOR RATING(: HOW WAS IT? (:
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