Julie Andrews – Poor Butterfly tab

Left handed
D          Em
Poor Butterfly

A                   D       Bm
'Neath the blossoms waiting

Poor Butterfly

A/A7              D
For she loved him so

A  D          Em
 The moments pass into hours

A          D              Bm
 The hours pass into years

And as she smiles through her tears

She murmurs low

D              Em
The moon and I

A                  D        Bm
Know that he'll be faithful

              Em  A/A7
I know he'll come to me

By and by

A D      Em
  But if he don't come back

A                 D         Bm
Then I'll never sigh or cry

I just must die

A/A7        D   Em   D
Poor Butterfly

First tab, first tab - go easy on me! Constructive criticism welcome! As you can see
were a few instances where I couldn't pick between A and A7 - maybe some keen ears can help
out with that, and any other major oopsies I may have made. Of course, I wouldn't expect 
people would be looking for this song...ah well, I do hope you special few who come
this will enjoy it =)

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