Julie Roberts - Lonely Alone chords

D GHow long did it take to find this letter
D GI know it wasn't right when you got home
Em G Was it about the time you started getting hungry
Am DAnd looked to see what I'd left on the stove
Did it ever cross your mind to even worry Or wonder where I am, is everything all right No, thats why I left it on your pillow
Am D G Cause thats the only time I cross your mind
C D GI refuse to be with you and be forgotten
Em C D So this afternoon I thought why not just go
C D Em A After all I'm already lonely
Am D G I might as well be lonely alone.
Maybe I've become a different woman Or maybe you became a different man You wonder why I'm doing what I'm doing Well I'm not expecting your to understand
C D G Cause you had no idea that this was coming
D G How could you when I've always just been there
Em C GBut you just go on taking me for granted
Am D G For the first time in my life I don't care
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