Julie Roberts - Just Cause We Can tab

Capo 1

Intro Chords:
F  Bb  F  Bb  F  Bb  F  Bb

F              Bb            F            Bb               F   Bb   F   Bb
Honey, for our date tonight, Iíve got the perfect place to go
      F                            Bb                     F                   Bb          F  Bb  F   Bb
I was thinkiní 'bout a candlelight seafood dinner at this little place on the Gulf of Mexico
      F                   Bb             F    Bb      F   Bb   F   Bb
Donít look at me like Iím crazy darliní, just hear me out
              F              Bb       F              Bb                 F   Bb   F   Bb
'Cause we can be there by tomorrow if we pack up and hit the road right now
C                                     Bb
Spend the night in Birmingham at your brotherís house on the way down
C                                            Bb  
Then weíll find us a motel room with with an ocean view, 

             F Bb  F     Bb           F    Bb   F   Bb
Boy, take my hand, letís get wild and free
              F  Bb   F      Bb           F   Bb  F  Bb 
We sure could stand a little just you and me
      C              Bb                        F
Donít need no reason other than just 'cause we can

Weíll go for a day or two and just hang out on the beach
It might turn into a week or so, or who knows, honey, we may never leave
I bet you could get a gig selliní hot dogs on the boardwalk
And I could make a buck or two playiní Buffett tunes
So, baby, grab your flip flops, a little Coppertone and a change of clothes
There ainít no telliní where this might lead


Just 'cause we can
Ah, just 'cause we can
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