Juluka - Old Eyes chords

Verse 1:
C G AmI was the only one who witnessed my homecoming
G-F G F G CSo I asked myself: Brother Joseph, how've you been?
C G AmThen I met an old man who knew me as a boy
G-F G F G C(I) said, Father, where've the people, where've the homesteads gone?
F G AmAnd he said, Son, I'll be old until I die now
F G F G CAnd then I will join our people in the sky
F G AmI am not the one to ask the reasons why
G-F G F G CYour brothers and your sisters have been scattered in the wind
CAnd he said old eyes (mehlomadala)
AmYou've got old eyes, boy (mehlomadala)
F G CYou've seen much too much for one so young
G-CHe said old eyes (mehlomadala)
AmYou've got old eyes, boy (mehlomadala)
Dm F Am-GChild, from whence have you come?
Verse 2:
C G F CWhen I left that mountain land so gold and green
Am G F G CI was a sturdy sixteen years
C G F CWork was hard and the wage was low
Am G F CAnd the seasons passed me by one by one
F G AmAnd I dreamed, Maria, you would wait for my return
F G F G CWe'd build a home upon the rock, beneath the smiling sun
F G AmBut as the old man used to say when I was young
F G F G CPeople come and people go, but the mountain still remains
Zulu chorus:
C AmAnd he said mehlomadala, mehlomadala
F G CAng(i)sakwaz(i) wemganam(i)
G-C AmHe said mehlomadala, mehlomadala
Dm F Am-G(U)qhamkaphi wena wemganam(i)
(instrumental break...) Repeat English chorus... Repeat Zulu chorus... End. Meaning of Zulu words: mehlomadala : old eyes (mehlo = eyes, madala = old) ang(i)sakwaz(i) : I don't know you anymore (i.e. it's been a long time since I saw you) wemganam(i) : my friend (wemngani = friend, wami = my) uqhamkaphi wena : where are you coming from i.e. where have you been (uqhamuka = you coming, kuphi = where, wena = you) ---------------------------------------- (thanks to Cameron for his musical ear and Thembinkosi for the Zulu words!) Website for Johnny Clegg, one of the Juluka founder members, is www.johnnyclegg.com
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