Junoon - Ghoom tab

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Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:25:27 -0500
From: Ahmar 
Subject: j/junoon/ghoom.crd

Band : Junoon
Song : Ghoom
Album : Parvaaz

Figure A:


With Figure A: Chorous : Dm Dm Ghoom Carkha ghoom .....ghoom etc Dm F Dm Teri Kathan Wali Jeeway F Dm Laryan Watan Wali Jeeway Bb Ik allah koolon mein dardi... Verse : Dm Dm Dm Charkha boolay sain sain... F Dm I think u shud get the idea from that!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Tabbed by: Ahmar Ghaffar ahmars@softhome.net
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