Juris Fernandez – So Heartbroken chords

CSitting through the memories
COf the times you were with me
AmNow they seem so very long ago
Dm GAll the good and bad
C FM7All the happy and sad
Dm GMade me who I am
C Never took for granted
CThat you'd be with me forever
AmI was always hoping
FThat somehow you'd stay
Dn G Written in the stars in the
C FHeavens above
Dm F Dm GI would send my prayers but
CWhen you walked away
Em FSomething deep inside of me sees
Dm FI'm Heartbroken
Interlude: Am-G-Am-F-G Verse:
CEveryday's a mystery
CWondering if love will find me
Am FWill I ever open my heart again
Dm GWill the pain subside
C FM7Disappear in the night
Dm F G Bringing hope in the time 'cause
(repeat chorus 2x) Chorus 2x
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