Juris Fernandez – Dont Worry chords

Intro: Dm-Gm-A
DmSo far I can see that
Dm Gm A You are the one that really matters
DmIf we're gonna go on
Dm Gm AI want more time to spend together
DmI want you, I need you
Gm AYour love oh oh
Dm GmYou got it, I feel it, oh no
DmDon't you worry 'bout a thing
GmDon't need another guy
CI'm looking for somebody
ASomebody to love
DmDon't you worry 'bout a thing
Gm Dm (intro)I know that you're the one to me
DmI know where it's at end
Dm Gm Bb AI wanna start another chapter
Dm Don't you worry now
Gm Bb AI wanna keep you here forever
(repeat Chorus 2x)
Dm You know you are my baby
Dm You know you drive me crazy
Gm Bb ABaby baby
(repeat Chorus)
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