Juris Fernandez – Human chords

Intro: D-G-D-G

D EmI play a good game, But not good as you
F#m GI can be a little cold, But you can be so cruel
(Do Stanza Chords) I'm not made of brick, I'm not made of stone But I had you fooled enough, To take me on
A BmIf love was war, it's you who has won
C GWhile I was confessing it, You held your tongue
Em ANow the damage is done...
Em Well, there's blood in these veins
A F#m Bm And I cry when in pain, I'm only human on the inside
G EmAnd if looks and deceive, Make it had to believe
A I'm only human on the inside
(Do Stanza Chords) I thought you'd come through I though you'd come clean You were the best thing I should never have seen (Do Pre-Chorus Chords) But you go to extremes You push me too far Then you keep going ti'll you break my heart Yeah, you break my heart Chorus: 2: (do Chorus chords) See I bleed and I bruise Oh, But what's it to you I'm only human on the inside And if looks could deceive, Make it hard to believe I'm only human on the inside, I crash and I burn Maybe someday you'll learn, Im only human on the inside I stumble and fall, baby, under it all Im only human on the inside Adlib: D-Em-A-F#m-Bm-G-Em-A- D-G-D-G
Em G AAnd the damage is done...
(Repeat Chorus 1:) Do Chorus chords) I crash and I burn, Maybe someday you'll learn, (Im only human on the inside) Is stumble and fall, baby I do it all
D-G-D-G (2x)I'm only human on the inside
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