Just Jinger – Stand In Your Way tab

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From: "Avanti" 
Date: Thu, 9 Oct 1997 16:22:26 +0200
Subj: Stand In Your Way

Artist	:	Just Jinger
Song Title	:	Stand In Your Way (Song Number 13)
Album		:	All Comes round
Transcriber	:	David Rama
Submittor	:	David Rama

Ok. This band is not well known around the world,
but are great nevertheless. And if any South Africans
get here, please e-mail me, I need more chords
from their brilliant album 'All Comes Round'.

The verses are pretty cool, with a very unusual beat,
here it is:


[Bm] [Bbm] [Am]e--1-------------------------1-----------------0-----------|IB------------------3------------------2----------------1---|IG--3-------------------------3-----------------2-----------|ID------------------3------------------3----------------2---|IA----------------------------------------------------------|IE----------------------------------------------------------|I Everyday.. night.. fight.. never ends..
The rest of the verse and the other verses are the same, I think ..uh.. i hope, any way here's the chorus, Chorus: [D] [A] [Bm] I'm gonna stand, stand in your way, stand in your way [F] [G] [D] I'm gonna never, never let you get away [A] [Bm] Stand in your way, stand in your way, [F] [G] I'm gonna never, never let you...... I don't know if there are any changes between chords between the verse's and chorus's, so if anyone can help, PLEASE DO! The words for the verse's are in the CD cover, and if anyone has anymore of their chords, I WANT THEM, NOT NOW, NOW!!!
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