Just Surrender – Were In Like Sin tab

Just Surrender
We're In Like Sin
We're In Like Sin
Submitted by: paramore_fans@yahoo.com

Key: E

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
C#m - x46654
B -   x24442
F#m - 244322
G# -  466544
G#m - 466444
A -   x02220
Eb -  x68886

Verse 1:
i, i can see right through
your plastic frames
you've been kissing
with no shame
and your lipstick starts to
smear but you don't give a damn

Verse 2:
C#m                 B
well, we're in like sin, the way
your body starts to bend
i can't keep up when you
have started to take con-

Bass lines in Verse 2: Ska style!!! C#m BG|-------1-4-2-1---|-----------------|D|---1-2---------2-|---4-2-1-2-1-2---|A|-4---------------|-2-------------2-|E|-----------------|-----------------|
A G#G|---------2-1-----|-----------|D|---2-1-2-----4-2-|---------1-|A|-0---------------|---4-3-4---|E|-----------------|-4---------|
Refrain: A -trol and heaven and hell G# don't mean a thing when your lying in bed with me A the more i kiss you the more i touch you G# you make me want to scream Chorus: C#m F#m i can't waste my time when B E everything you haves already mine it goes to show when A Eb chills run down your spine G# the more you fake it i'll take it just as long as i can break you to the bone Verse 3: Still do the kickass bass lines!!! C#m i can feel the way you B started to breathe A your body wont let me be the night is lost just G# like our innocence (Repeat Verse 2, Refrain and Chorus)
Lead Solo: Do chorus chords C#m F#me|----------------------|-------------------|B|---------9--9---------|---------9--12-9---|G|------9-------11-9----|-11---9----------9-|D|-11----------------11-|-------------------|A|----------------------|-------------------|E|----------------------|-------------------|
B Ee|---------------------------|---------------|B|-9----9--------------------|---------------|G|----9----11-----9--8-------|-9--9--6--9--9-|D|-------------9--------9-11-|-9--9-----9--9-|A|---------------------------|-7--7-----7--7-|E|---------------------------|---------------|
A Ebe|-------------------------|-9----9-7----7--------|B|-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-|----9------9----------|G|-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-13-|---------------9--9-9-|D|-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-14-|----------------------|A|-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-12-|----------------------|E|-------------------------|----------------------|
(Repeat Verse 1, Verse 2 and Chorus)
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