Justifide - Still Cries tab

Song: Still Cries
Album: Life Outside The Toybox
Copyright:Cul De Sac Records/Ardent Records

This is a really easy song to play;I Tabbed it in Dropped D tuning
but it might be in a different tuning

Dropped D tunning“( )” means notes in them are optionalVerse:Strum each chord(listen to the Cd to get the pattern)She dreams.........she cries.........nevere------------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------G-------6----------------9--------------2--------D-------4----------------7--------------0--------A-------4----------------7--------------0--------D-------4----------------7--------------0--------Repeat these chords through out all the verse’s
Chorus:I am alone...child...he goe-------------------------------------------------B-------------------------------------------------G-(6)------7-----(9)--------(4)-------------------D--4-------7------7----------2--------------------A--4-------5------7----------2--------------------D--4------(0)-----7----------2--------------------
Repeat through out the whole chorus Then the ending plays the samething as the verse but they pick it. well hoped this helped...e-mail me if u have any questions.God bless Nate
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