Justin Bieber – Rich Girl chords

		   Rich Girl - Soulja Boy Ft. Justin Bieber

Tabbed By: Jimmy
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Chords - Bm A D G

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D Soulja Boy Tell Em (I Got you)
G Bm A Yeaaah, Justin Bieber (Thats me)
G GShes a rich girl, shes a rich girl
Bm She's a rich girl
ABuying all the clothes
D GWishes for some -- You already know
BmShes a rich girl
AYeah, she's got cash
D GPocket so thick She dont even have to ask
Bm AShes a rich girl, Rich girl
D GShes a rich girl, Rich girl
Bm A D GAye oh Aye oh Aye oh
Bm When I met you girl
A I tried to pay for dinner
D Pulled out your card
GI thought I had a winner
BmShe said, Boy I got it
AThen I said no
D GBut I like a girl who's in control
Bm She's my rich girl
ARich girl
Bm AShe rides a barbie phantom
D GShe lives in a barbie mansion
BmShe's a rich girl
AShe got a lot of money
DShe credit card shawty
GShe credit card shopping
Bm ALook good when she shoppin
D G Man she look good when she talking and she walkin
BmShe walk like a model
AShe shop like a balla
D GShe shop like a NFL, NBA, high school scollar
[!!!SAME CHORDS THROUGH REST OF SONG!!!] (CHORUS) VERSE 3 Her 21st birthday she got a louis bag mercedes Drive five Oh my God Baby, I think I love you Girl, I know you rich And you know I rich Together we build things Until your brother is empty You can get it cuz I got plenty Everyday, all night You and me And we ballin' yeah (CHORUS) VERSE 4 Can't make you my queen When I first met her She didn't even have anything She had more money than me She wasn't a rich girl She grew up in a messed up world And when I met her She didn't think less of me She get the bigger picture She know we both -- We can't take it with us We belong together Yeah she's so special Shes my rich girl But if she was broke I would still.. And my net froze --- She told me that she cold We are a tornado so we spin across the globe I make money every day & everybody surely knows Im a rich boy A young pretty guy Shes pretty fly Shes pretty high We're high together Make change whether Hopes and I love her (Chorus) Soulja Boy I tell him Aye yo aye yo aye yo RICH GIRL!
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