Justin Bieber – Christmas Love chords ver. 2

This version is the official version:

[uploaded by yungy]

Intro: A#  Dm  D#m  Cm  Eb  Ebm

A# DmBaby I will not pow
C#m CmBaby I will not cry
Eb Eb7M A#Cause I got your love this christmas time
DmWhen the snow's on the ground
C#m CmAnd it's freezing outside
Eb Eb7MI got your love this christmas time
Gm A#On every list I've ever sent
EbYou're the gift I'd love the best
Gm A#So deck the halls and all the rest
CWarm me up
D#With your christmas love
A# DmHey angel in the snow
C#m CmI'm under the mistletoe
You are the one
Eb Ebm A#You're my very own christmas love
DmTell santa i'm cool this year
c#m CmMy present is standing right here
Eb Ebm A#Thank god above for my very own christmas love, yeah
A# Dm C#m CmLike a beautiful tree, you can light up the room
Eb Ebm A#Your kinda star can't be removed
Dm C#m CmLike a beautiful carol, I get lost in your song
Eb EbmAnd I will forever sing along
F GmAll the love that's around the world
EbI can sing you merry merry christmas,
A#merry merry christmas
F GmEvery boy and every girl
C D#Stay close to the ones you love
A#And thank god above
Dm C#m CmThat you got someone this year
Eb Ebmthat can feel your heart with cheer yeah
( A# Dm D#m Cm Eb Ebm )
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