Justin Bieber – Die In Your Arms chords ver. 7

All the other tabs I've seen for this are wrong, so here is the correct version. 
Pay attention to the difference in each chord diagram:

(Not remembering technical names of the second chords, but I'm going to call them G2 and G3)

G: G2: G3: Am: Am7: D: D7: Bm: C:|-3-| |-2-| |-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-2-| |-2-| |-2-| |-0-||-3-| |-0-| |-0-| |-1-| |-1-| |-3-| |-1-| |-3-| |-1-||-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-2-| |-0-| |-2-| |-2-| |-4-| |-0-||-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-2-| |-2-| |-0-| |-0-| |-4-| |-2-||-2-| |-2-| |-2-| |-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-2-| |-3-||-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-0-| |-2-| |-0-|
Intro pattern: G G2 G3 G Am Am7 D D7 Pattern continues through the verses and chorus:
G G2 G3 G So you love me as much as I love you yeah
Am Am7 D D7Would you hurt me baby? Could you do that to me, yeah?
G G2 G3 GWould you lie to me baby? Cause the truth hurts so much more
Am Am7 D D7 Would you do the things that drive me crazy, leave my heart still at the door?
Etc., continue the pattern through chorus, instrumental, and next verse. The bridge is different. Bridge pattern:
Am Am7Basically I'm saying here
BmI can't live without my baby
C DLoving you is so damn easy for me yeah
Am Am7Ain't no need for contemplating
BmPromise you won't keep me waiting
C D D7Tell me baby, I'm all that you need
Then, go back to the verse/chorus pattern.
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