Justin Bieber – All That Matters tab ver. 2

This is the intro (basically the same for the entire song) of All That Matters by Justin Bieber.

p > S > S > S h > v > S > S h p p se-9---9-------4-------7--4----4----9-------------7---7---------4--7/9-}repeatb-9---9---5---5---7---7--4/5--5----9---9--7---7--7---7--4/5----4--7/9-}g-----9---6---6---5---5--4/6--6----9---8--6---6--5------4/6-----------}d-----11--6---6---6------4/6--6----11--7--5---5--6------4/6-----------}a-----11--4---4---6------4---------11------------6------4-------------}E-----9----------------------------9----------------------------------}
If you're lazy, the chord progression for this is just C#m, C#m, Ab7, C#m over and over again. > = staccato S = strum chord s = slide h = hammer on v = vibrato p = pluck
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