Justin Hayward – Broken Dreams tab

Broken Dream  Justin Hayward    (submitted by Terry Worth)
    D         A                  Bm              G
1.  One more illusion shattered  One more broken dream
G           D                  Asusp     A
Oh that the morning brings the sun
D            A                 Bm                 G
Gone are the days when I could bounce right back again   
G           D                      G            D
See how the tears roll down   Like sweet summer rain
G             D               F#m(barred)    G      G6           
Where does it leave me now  I find myself so free again
(Guitar solo - D A Bm  G)

   D        A                Bm            G
2. Even the smallest traces  Of your sweet perfume
G        D                   Asusp      A
Open the flood gates and I’m helpless
D          A                   Bm             G
Now as the moonlight shadows   Cast across my room
G         D                    G            D
Only the whispered words   Are heard in the night
G      D                F#m(barred)         G                  
Only a silent prayer  I love you still    I always will
(Guitar solo - D A Bm  G)

         A          G       D             A         G      G-D
Refrain: Out of the dark I stumbled       Into the light                   
A        G        D          G                            A           
Only my fear has tumbled,    I think I always knew   That I would run to you

   E                  B                 C#m             A
3. Somewhere there’s children playing   Somewhere far away
A            E            Bsusp B
Running with open arms to greet me  
E         B               C#m              A
Over the hill the sunset  dies and fades away  
A            E                    A          E
I turn and I close the door  With one last goodbye    
A        E                     G#m(barred)              A      A  A
I will return no more     I’ll take my heart and let it fly

(Guitar solo  E  B  C#m   A (repeat))
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