Justin Mcbride – Cowboy Til I Die chords

Cowboy 'Til The Day I Die
by Justin McBride

**Capo II**

Verse I

D AWell first off I'm an Okie
Bm ASo don't call me Tex
G D A Bm A No I don't mind you askin bout this cast here on my leg
D AI had a little bad luck
Bm Awith a bull in Santa Fe
G DHe stomped me good but I'll ride tonight
G ACause if I don't I don't get paid
G D A DNo I never thought about a safer line of work
G D G AWith a little more security that won't get me hurt
G DYou can take away my pick up
G DPut me in a black sedan
G DHung up my hat, spurs and boots
D G ADitch my Copenhagen can
G DPut me in a highrise office
G Dmake me wear a suit and tie
G DBut I'll be a cowboy
A D'Til the day I die
Verse II
D AUnless your one of us
Bm AYou'll never understand
G DCowboyin' ain't just what I do
A Bm AIt's who I am
D A It's how I think, It's what I feel
Bm AIt's the way of life I love
G DNo it ain't like I had a choice
G AIt's in my blood
** back to Chorus x2 ending **
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