Justin Moore - Backwoods chords

Backwoods – Justin Moore
Tuned down ½ step.

Intro: ---------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------|-----------------12--------------------14-12-|-----------12-14----14--------12--14---------|----12-14---------------12-14----------------|---------------------------------------------|
E A Rifle in a gun rack hanging in the back glass
E A E A E ABuck knife on my belt, ain’t no land for sale ‘round here
E ARed clay country mud, sippin’ on a cold Bud
E ABlue tick coon hound you know where I’m found out in the
E ABackwoods down in the holler
E AOut in the backwoods, workin’ hard for a dollar in the
E ABackwoods yeah we get it done right
BWork hard, play hard, hold my baby tight
Lordy have mercy it’s a real good life
E A E A In the backwoods, yes sir
2nd verse
E A Preacher’s daughter couldn’t get hotter
E A E A E A Floating that river on an inner tube with her, splash
E A35’s and a lift kit how stuck can you get
E AAin’t that just my luck where’s the chain I’m stuck out in the
CHORUS: Lead after this Chorus…..then back to chorus again E A E A E A E A B CHORUS
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