Justin Moore - I Could Kick Your Ass tab

I tuned the 6th string down to C# for the end of the intro. The rest is just a half step 
This is my first tab, so tell me what needs to be done to improve it.


Intro: D G A DD#|-----------2|--------------|----------|--------------------------|A#|-----------3|--------------|----------|--------------------------|F#|-----------2|--------------|----------|--------------------------|C#|---0-3-3p2-0|----0-3-3p2-0-|5-5-5p4-2-|---------------0----------|G#|0h2--------x|0h2----------2|---------0|0h2p0-0-0--------2-0------|C#|-----------x|--------------|----------|---------4p2-0-------4p2-0|
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